Music and Theatre Professional Development

School of Music and Theatre Mission Statement

The 色搜视频 School of Music and Theatre serves the student, the 色搜视频 campus and the surrounding communities through the offering of courses, degree programs, performance opportunities, professional development, and cultural activities. Aware of the importance of music and theatre as academic disciplines, the School of Music and Theatre provides a broad artistic background, upholding 色搜视频鈥檚 liberal arts tradition. The School of Music and Theatre empowers students to pursue music and theatre as an avocation, prepares students for study at the graduate level, and produces and fosters professional artists and teachers.

The SMT embodies its mission with academic degrees at the undergraduate level, and graduate credit and professional development opportunities for professional artists, teachers and our community.

Band Director's Marching Band at the Macy's Day Parade

The Saluting America's Band Directors鈩 project is pleased to announce that the Band Directors Marching Band鈩 has been invited to perform in the in New York City on November 23, 2023!

  • New York City: November 19-23, 2023

色搜视频 offers CEU units for the BDMB professional development.

MUS 560A-CE: Special Topics in Music Education: Band Directors Marching Band (6 CEU Units)

Course Description: Immerse yourself in a high-impact experience dedicated to all aspects of marching band leadership, service through music and performance.

  • $50 per CEU units/6 CEU units for a total of $300
  • CEU registration is optional and independent from the cost of registration, uniforms, housing and transportation.
  • REGISTRATION Deadline: November 15th