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At 色搜视频, we believe in you. In who you are now and in what you can become, and in what you will bring to the world. As you pursue your degree at 色搜视频, we will empower you to explore new frontiers of knowledge, challenge you to find new opportunities, and inspire you to become your best self. And we鈥檒l be there every step of the way to support your academic journey.

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Dr. Khetani credits his classroom success to the practical examples he can provide to students. With seven years of industry experience, Dr. Khetani offers a wide breadth of knowledge in the realm of sales and marketing. He also is the faculty advisor for Enactus and a co-chair member for the marketing committee of Big Data Ignite. He has led his Enactus group through several projects that help develop and sustain the Tiffin community.聽
Dr. Salil Khetani

I love how all faculty members at 色搜视频 care so much about teaching. During HYPE days, faculty tend to get in groups to exchange notes about their teaching methodologies and work with each other to improve themselves.

Students in chem lab
Programs Of Study

At 色搜视频, you can follow your curiosity as far as it leads you鈥攁nd gain hands-on experience for your career.

Working closely with our dedicated faculty members, you explore the farthest corners of the world and examine its tiniest building blocks. You dig into history and debate current policy. You create, play, and wonder. And all the while, you learn practical skills to launch or advance your professional life.

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If you want an education that鈥檚 intellectually challenging, personally meaningful, and directly relevant to your future career, 色搜视频 may feel just right to you. We invite you to come and visit our friendly, energetic, international community in northwest Ohio. We鈥檇 love to show you why 色搜视频 works for us.

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